ADC Dataset: I/80 -- Catalog of 5,268 Standard Stars Based on the Normal System N30 (1952)
H. R. Morgan

Keywords: Positional data ; Proper motions ; Stars, fundamental ; Fundamental catalog

Source Reference(s):

      Astron. Papers Amer. Ephemeris 13, Part III, 1952 (ADS: 1952N30...C......0M)

Brief Description of Dataset (Click here to see more details.):

      The catalog was constructed primarily to assist in the reduction and interpretation of planetary observations, particularly those made in the nineteenth century. The new catalog was considered necessary because the only fundamental catalogs available at the time (FK3, GC) have mean epochs around 1900, and over the period of approximately fifty years, positional accuracies had deteriorated from cumulative effects of proper motion inaccuracies. The ADC version of the data file was prepared from the original file by reformatting and incorporating changes to effect uniformity in the data fields. The notes file was created at the ADC by keying the information directly to disk storage. Cross checks were performed to assure that all stars flagged as having notes have entries in the notes file and that all notes are flagged in the data file.

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1080_stndstrs.dattableThe N30 catalog of 5268 standard stars FTP ADC Viewer
1080_remarks.dattableRemarks FTP ADC Viewer

Revision/Ingest Date: 2001.10.3 (END ADC # I/80 )